02 November 2008

New Book on Filipino Family (announcement)

Filipino Family Surviving the World
by: Ma Lourdes "Honey" Carandang and Queena Lee-Chua

When: Nov 8, 2008 (Sat) 10 am to 12 n
Where: Powerbooks, SM Megamall

The Filipino family today is facing many changes, within itself and in the larger society. Award-winning psychologists Carandang and Lee-Chua discuss the impact of these developments on parents, teens and children, and suggest ways of coping with them.

Whether we are dealing with failing grades, giftedness, household violence, stress, miscommunication, excessive TV, negative media portrayals, the bottomline is respect and self-worth. Parents need to respect each other, and treat their kids with dignity.

The fmaily is the moral center of society, where values are learned, and role models, emulated. To rebuild our nation, we need to start taking care of the family.

Parents, teachers, counselors today have a great responsibility---to develop their children's potential, to ensure that children become healthy emotionally, socially and morally. This book equips everyone with the knowledge and tools to deal with transitions, trauma, and other changes.

Ahon, pamilyang Pinoy!

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