07 January 2009

Thank you for praying for Medy

With so many praying so hard for so long for my wife Remedios "Medy" Cruz to overcome several medical crises, God granted her a new lease on life. Yesterday (January 6), her doctor at St. Luke's Medical Center pronounced her cured after 7 months of agony. She still has to gain back some of the 30 pounds she lost since her first operation, but she has returned to work at China Bank, bought clothes a few sizes smaller, and started to enjoy life without pain. This miracle would never have happened had it not been for your great concern and faith. Thank you very much. I owe you big time.


Anonymous said...

Its really nice to hear that Mrs. Cruz is finally well. My personal prayers are still with her, hoping that she will never again experience any similar problems concerning her health. Offcourse, I wish the same to you Mr. Cruz and to the rest of your family.

I hope indeed that this New Year may bring good things to all of us.

Happy New Year!!!

Diane Sta. Maria said...

Hi, Mr. Cruz.

I am Diane Sta. Maria, one of the writers for China Bank's official newsletter. Sir, we read your article on Philippine Star, The Bile Lady, last December. Sir, may we please use this article in the next issue of our newsletter, set to come out on the first week of February? A lot of ChinaBankers are really interested to know how Ma'm Medy survived her sickness and your article will englihten the readers on this matter.

Also, sir, you mentioned that there is a continuation of the December 18 article you wrote. Unfortunately, I was not able to read it. Sir would you mind mentioning where i can find the continuation? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

God is good.

Anonymous said...

God is good.

- Tenco of Alasais