24 October 2009

Not gaga over Noynoy

Why do we trust Noynoy's lineage when we could not trust Gloria's? Diosdado lived and died poor, but his daughter, well... I am not saying that Noynoy is like Gloria, but arguing from family names and blood trivializes a serious, non-personality-based election.

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Anonymous said...

I think the masses are getting too emotion when it comes to supporting presidential aspirants. I don't think filipinos should select their presidents based on lineage or family names. I don't think it is right to have an Aquino run for president simply because of what his parents have done for the nation. It should be a matter of what he can do for the nation.

Just because he is an Aquino does not mean he is automatically a saint and a savior of this country. Filipinos should really use their heads this time and not be swayed by a persons lineage or clan's history and dominance, but instead i wished that filipinos would vote rationally and use reason to select a good leader for our country. We must select a leader who has much to offer to us and our nation.