19 May 2010

Justice Renato Corona

19 May 2010

So much has been said to justify the appointment of Justice Renato Corona as lawful, but Malacañang’s apologists have completely missed the point. What is legal is not necessarily ethical.  

Arroyo’s recent appointment of Justice Corona as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court smacks of her lack of decency and utter disregard for the results of the successful national elections. Despite repeated calls from various sectors for her to abstain from making a midnight appointment and to allow the next administration to select one of the most important posts in government, Arroyo insisted on making the appointment which has resulted in:

  1. More divisiveness in a nation that is already wracked by conflict and dissent and needs to build UNITY; 
  2. Lack of respect for the incoming President whom the people have decided should have the right to make the appointment;
  3. The erosion of the Supreme Court’s credibility as an institution not beholden to any President in cases where there are existing jurisprudence, tradition and overwhelming public opinion;
  4. Increased suspicion that Arroyo’s action is meant to shield her from being made accountable for the excesses of her administration.
Arroyo’s action has also exposed Justice Corona to unnecessary and unfair media exposure, because he has the credentials for the job and would have been a strong candidate anyway for the post of Chief Justice, as the JBC attested.

We, Former Senior Government Officials (FSGO), say, “ENOUGH!” For nine long years we have seen the steady decline of the pillars of good governance in our society. In many instances, amidst howls of protest, we have seen the Arroyo administration carry on without regard for the will of the people. Legality was the oft-repeated excuse, but we ask:  What about ethical behavior?  What about good governance?  What about the interests of the country?

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