08 January 2010

ERF: Fidel Ramos

During the presidency of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, I chanced upon former president Fidel V. Ramos in the lobby of a hotel in Ortigas Center. I was alone, waiting for my driver to come around with my car. He was alone (at least, he was standing alone, although I suppose he had bodyguards standing inconspicuously somewhere near), also waiting for his driver to come around with his car.

I greeted him, "Mister President, you were the best president we have had."

He answered without hesitation, "That's because everyone who followed me was so bad!"

His car came and whisked him away before he could explain to me why Erap Estrada and Gloria Arroyo were very bad presidents, but I guess the reasons are obvious. Erap was convicted and Gloria pardoned him. Erap was proven to be corrupt. Gloria is reputed to be corrupt. Erap was successfully removed from office by the people themselves. The people (at least 75% of the entire population, according to an SWS survey) have been trying to remove Gloria from office, but unsuccessfully. Yes, Ramos (apparently not exactly an angel) looks like a saint compared to his two successors.

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