15 January 2010

The Other Other

Isagani R. Cruz
Edited by David Jonathan Y. Bayot
Far Eastern University Publications


Introduction: Isagani R. Cruz, the Critical-in-Difference, and the Other Other, by David Jonathan Y. Bayot

The Critical S/subjects as the Other Other

The Other Other: Towards a Postcolonial Poetics
Edith L. Tiempo as a Literary Critic
Demythologizing Postcolonial Otherness, or Why Anti-Imperialism Does Not Imperil Imperialism
Resisting the New Cultural Imperialism: Against Postcolonial Theories of Literature
Deeuropeanizing Theory
Philippine Literary Criticism Today

A Philippine Ontology: Facets and Phrases

The Philippines
A Nation Searching for a Language Finds a Language Searching for a Name
One Thousand Years of Filitude
The Discourse of People Power
What’s the Word on the Bases, and Why are They Saying Such Terrible Things about Them?

Faces of the Subjects with/in the Other Other

The Beginnings of Philippine Literature: The Epic Tradition
Malay Consciousness in Philippine Literature
The Southeast Asian Writer’s Non-ASEAN Roots
Philippine Literature in the Age of Ninoy
Images of Japan in Contemporary Philippine Literature
White Snow, Brown Earth: Philippine-American Cultural Relations
Emersonian Values in Philippine Literature
Deconstructing America: America through the Eyes of Filipino Writers
English and Tagalog in Philippine Literature: A Study of Literary Bilingualism
Philippine Fiction from English
Introducing the Man: F. Sionil Jose in Literary and Historical Context
The Future of Philippine Literature in English
Literary Magazines
Short Fiction
Southeast Asian Novel: Philippines

Face-to-Face with the Other Other

A Deconstructive Meditation on the Writer and Society
Bienvenido N. Santos
Bienvenido, Our Brother: The Man Behind the Author
Villa Bienvenido: The Poetic Universe
The Man Who (Thought He) Was Santos: The Narrator in the Short Stories
Introduction to the Second Edition of The Day the Dancers Came
The Volcano Erupts: The First Novels
Bienvenido N. Santos on Bienvenido N. Santos
Ben Santos in Wichita / Wichita in Ben Santos

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